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Top 3 MotoGP Riders in Recent Times: Who’ll Be the Best of Them All?

Top 3 MotoGP Riders

Top 3 MotoGP Riders – The MotoGP world has seen champions come and go over the years but who is currently ranked top in the best of the best list? After the last MotoGP season in 2016, the racing crown is currently held by 3-time winner Spaniard Marc Marquez but the title of the world’s best rider is still open to other former champions.

Considering past and present performance, we have our eyes glued on the three highly-rated riders namely the reigning champ Marc Marquez, the aggressive and flamboyant Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo, and the racing legend Valentino Rossi.

Who among these three is the most successful rider in MotoGP? Marc Marquez tops my list of favorites, especially if he scoops the 2017 season title. To put things in perspective, let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of each rider as well as what diehard fans think about their two-wheel idols.

Valentino Rossi: The charismatic legend is still as motivated as ever

Top 3 MotoGP Riders – Ask any Rossi fan who’s the greatest and they’ll go as far as claiming the name Valentino Rossi is almost synonymous with MotoGP racing. Rossi is a nine-time overall world champion and the biggest debate at the moment is whether he’ll make this year his tenth title.

He is a legend in MotoGP who commands immeasurable loyalty and respect in the racing universe. Well, you wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the greatest evergreen daredevil riders of our time.

Despite having turned 38 this year, which almost puts him in the veterans’ category, Rossi still has the fierce competitive appetite to keep on racing. Global fans refer to the Yamaha YZR-M1 legend simply as The Doctor, probably because of his down-to-earth attitude, humility, an indomitable will, and his positive inspiration.

Rossi defines talent, die-hard spirit, and power. He is the people’s champion. From a marketing perspective, Rossi is pure gold.

However, despite Rossi’s inspiring performance over the years, he has the worst fanbase in the racing world. Call it undying loyalty or solidarity with their idol but insulting and verbally attacking anyone who mentions anything against Rossi or tries another rider other than Rossi is not the best fan behavior.

Rossi fanatics even go as far as claiming their champ should be credited for making MotoGP the great sport it is today.

Vale is a proven champion who never bad mouths his team much less his bike. He has shown consistent performance in the last 20 years of his racing career by ensuring that the job always gets done right.

At 38 years, Vale is staring at retirement after 2017 and what better way to retire than as a world champion of all times.

The incomparable Jorge Lorenzo is a force to reckon with

Top 3 MotoGP Riders – One of the biggest stories in MotoGP recently was about Jorge Lorenzo’s move from Yamaha to Ducati. The industry analysts have hinted that the Italian team’s experimentation with Ducati’s front aerodynamics might give the bike a few extra strides and a more competitive edge this season.

If the prophecy holds true, then expect to see an unprecedented performance in Lorenzo’s Ducati GP17.

At 29 years old, Jorge Lorenzo is not a stranger to the top slots. The Spaniard is an aggressive racer with five overall world championships on his belt. He could be one of the best outside bets for this season.

It is not for nothing that he attracts the most bile from Valentino Rossi’s fans who call him an arrogant whiner. If truth be told, the Spaniard is known to speak his mind in a somewhat egotistical way.

He was recently quoted saying Valentino Rossi is past his best, probably attributing the remark to Rossi’s age. Rossi presently has the longest winning career in MotoGP that goes as far back as 1996 when he clinched his first victory in the 125cc category.  

In the racing world, you can’t touch Rossi and expect to get away with it. Lorenzo’s snide remark attracted a barrage of unpleasant responses from the Rossi fan base. Most called him an arrogant sour loser known to show off with silly dances when he wins and giving all sorts of excuses after a loss.

Rossi fans claim Lorenzo is a sour loser who blames everything when he loses, from mosquitoes and fog to helmet lining, but never the fact that he made mistakes or that the other riders were simply better than him.

However, despite the perceived arrogant attitude, we can’t ignore the fact that Jorge Lorenzo is a fast rider. The five times overall champion is, in fact, the fastest Spanish rider of all times. He has a style and speed that cannot be compared with other riders.

Marc Marquez: Young natural born champion

Top 3 MotoGP Riders – Marc Marquez is known for being quiet and soft-spoken in pre-season testing but a fast baby-faced racing assassin when the real challenge comes. He is the reigning champion and ultimately the man to beat this season. He is a favorite at all MotoGP races this year.

Since moving to MotoGP in 2013, Marquez has won three of the four championships he has entered. At 24 years, he faces a major challenge from more experienced riders with superior bikes but he’s determined to make 2017 his most impressive season so far on a Honda RC 213V.

The three-time world champion is focused on retaining his title in 2017 but expects to face a fierce challenge from familiar rivals. It is not easy to stay at the top when the whole world is trying to bring you down.

His challenge this year will be one he has faced before – to beat familiar rivals including old-timer Valentino Rossi to retain the world championship. Just as did before.  

Marquez is smart and intelligent. He is a fearless leader who is only getting better as he matures.

It is no surprise many are calling him the next Valentino Rossi. Unfortunately, most Rossi fans don’t take this comparison kindly. Some have even admitted on social media sites that they dislike Marquez simply because he is “bloody talented.

Top 3 MotoGP Riders – So who’s likely to be the greatest of them all?

Top 3 MotoGP Riders – I see young Marc Marquez as the future of MotoGP. The reigning champ has a passion for riding and winning. Why do I see Marquez beating Valentino, Lorenzo, and the likes of Stoner?  His consistent track record speaks for itself.

He won the championship as a rookie in his first year, he’s so far beaten every fast lap time in every circuit, and he’s the youngest record breaker of all times. Marquez is still the fastest bike rider on the planet.

The closest rival for the best of the best title is Valentino Rossi who is riding on experience, history, and a huge fan base besides his fast bike. If Marc M beats every record thrown his way, as I expect him to, then he’ll surely be the greatest MotoGP rider in recent times. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me.

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